To parents of children with special educational needs (SEN)
this site has brought together professional insights and community resources, as well as sharing from SEN children and their parents. Ahead lies a long obstacle race, so let's brave it together!

Special kid, Special theme park experience

We all have special needs with lactose intolerance I can have no milk in my coffee; with mysophobia you find a dusty office unbearable; people suffering from severe hay fever find fragrances repellent……Better understanding springs more tolerance which leads our way to a happier and fairer inclusive society.

Special kid, Special theme park experience

Some parents compare the diagnosis of SEN for their children to being thrusted a bomb unprepared – no one can explain why or tell them how to go on. They can only hold onto the bomb with surreal calmness and keep waiting… Besides weary waiting, what else can parents, the comrades-in-arms of their children, do to cheer their families on after such a gruelling start?


Guardian Angels of SEN Children

Growing up is an arduous adventure, but the journey is clouded by even more uncertainties after diagnosis of SEN – new faces yet to be acquainted with, new titles that sound confusing…how is a special education preschool teacher different from a regular teacher? Why does the speech therapist keep playing toys with my child? What does a child need occupational therapist for? When should we consult an educational psychologist...?

They are indeed guardian angels who support families with SEN children. Let's have a better idea on how they help.

When The Diagnosis Comes

When The Diagnosis Comes

Embracing the little sweetie after an arduous nine-month journey of pregnancy, mom and dad just wish he could grow up healthy and happy. The reminder of "slightly different" from school teacher or nurse at health centre, however, rains on the parade and chills them to the core – "What is going on with my child?"

Happy Home Training

The magic of small music instruments

Social Class on Playground

Thought Bubbles of the Autistic Child

When a pair of dyslexic mom and son comes across words

The Unclassified = Developmental Delay?


Can't Sit Still = AD/HD?


Golden Treatment Period: True or False?


Why are there more and more children with special educational needs (SEN)?


SEN on Screen and Page

Not special needs,
just human needs

A humorous video to challenge our preconception


SEN on Screen and Page

Life, animated

A frisky boy was "kidnapped",
and "autism" was the mysterious suspect...


SEN on Screen and Page

See Differences,
Embrace Diversity

From Indifference to Appreciation
Magic with Just Strips of Colored Paper


SEN on Screen and Page

Why Johnny Doesn't Flap/
NT is OK

A picture book that shows "Normality" in the eyes of an autistic child


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